Storage Unit Size Guide

Selecting the right storage unit size is important, our office managers are here to assist you. Each of our locations offer a variety of sizes and prices to meet your storage needs. Please note our unit sizes vary by location. For a list of sizes at each location please visit each location's page. 

Small Units

Our small self-storage units range from 5x5 to 5x10. These units are similar to a small walk-in closet.

A few common uses for these self-stroage units include:

- Additional space while remodeling

- Mattress and/or small furniture

- Seasonal storage for holiday decorations and/or yard tools

- Storing clothes, sport equipment, and boxes

- Summer storage for students

5x5 Image represents a 5x5

Medium Units

Our Medium self-storage units range from 5x15 to 10x10. These units are highly versatile and commonly used to store: - Appliances - Bedroom furniture and boxes - Business storage for inventory/materials - Contents of an apartment 10x10 Image represents a10x10

Large Units

Our large self-storage units range from 10x15 to 10x30. These units offer enough space to store the contents of an average home.

These units are commonly used to store:

- Appliances

- Contents of a house while moving

- Contents of a garage

- Large commerical storage needs

- Storing small vehicles

10x20 Image represents a 10x20